Designer for Good Highlight - Angela Luna & ADIFF

As FRJ uses fashion to innovatively transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children – ultimately contributing to the global goal of ending extreme poverty – fashion designer Angela Luna uses it to help alleviate the global refugee crisis.  Through her apparel company ADIFF, a humanitarian and philanthropic outerwear and sport brand dedicated to addressing global issues through design and providing customers with unique and innovative products, Ms. Luna designs multi-purpose garments that can be worn for recreation, and then modified as survival gear for refugees.

The outerwear collection, Crossing the Boundary, is a unisex, one-size collection, with garments that serve multiple, transformable purposes – like jackets designed to transform into tents and sleeping bags.

Angela hopes that the Crossing the Boundary collection will be able to help migrants on their journey, while spreading awareness and starting a conversation about the tragedies they face.  She eloquently states in terms of her company and line, “the goal is to spur others thinking about the possibility of their impact, and inspire them to act similarly.” 

If you are spurred and inspired to join ADIFF’s cause to alleviate the global refugee crisis, check out the Boundary Outerwear collection at, and purchase an amazing piece or two.  I know that I will!

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