FRJ Livelihood and Life Skills Training Programs

FRJ will implement a comprehensive and holistic three-tiered program structure for adolescent OVC in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Vocational Training Program

Participants build basic skills in multi-faceted fashion industry trades to achieve real world success in life and in the workplace.  Future versions of the program will include school-sponsored programs that supplement the academic aspect of the school experience. 

Mentorship Program

Pairs participants with mentors through the vocational training experience, and through the crucial stages of building a career after graduation.

Job Placement Program

Places program graduates from the vocational training program in skill-specific internships, jobs, and college programs. 

FRJ programming will be supported by innovative fashion-centered public private partnerships. 

Program support will come from innovative, fashion-centered public private partnerships created between civil society organizations, the government sector, and the corporate (fashion & non-fashion) sector in the United States, Africa, & within the African Diaspora.  These Fashion & Development Public Private Partnerships (FDPPPs) will bring an eclectic group of partners together to achieve a single goal.  

In the future, FRJ would like to add a fourth tier to its programming - clinical art therapy.  



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